Why World Needs Sanctions Against Rosatom

Why Rosatom became a weapon of political influencу and how sanctions against the Russian nuclear industry can help to defuel Russia’s war machine?

Though a state-owned corporation, the Russian nuclear giant Rosatom, unlike numerous Russian entities under state or private control, has not been directly hit with sanctions following Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine. However, calls to cut ties with the Russian nuclear industry have been made in Europe and the U.S., and certain ventures pursued by Rosatom outside Russia’s borders have suffered since the start of the war.

Just like the billions Russia is still receiving from selling its gas, oil, and coal abroad, the money earned by Rosatom – a conglomerate of some 350 companies both offering commercial nuclear power products and services and overseeing production of nuclear weapons in Russia – eventually helps finance Russia’s war machine. And just like the sanctions the West has imposed and plans to expand against the Russian gas, oil, and coal imports, stopping the Russian nuclear industry from continuing to earn money in Europe – even as the Kremlin continues to rain bombs and terror on a European country and threatens the world with nuclear annihilation – may help stop the brutal and unprovoked aggression Moscow has unleashed.

New policy paper prepared by Ecodefence shows why sertain sanctions, bans, and contract dissolutions will probably hurt Rosatom more than others. See and download the paper here.